Volunteer with the Cirque Lodge Foundation and launch your own fundraiser on Facebook

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, but have you considered using your social media account to raise donations? Now there’s an easy solution for collecting donations on social media. Consider launching a birthday fundraiser!

How do I start raising funds for the Cirque Lodge Foundation?

Facebook has a new fundraising option for you to raise money with your friends, family, and colleagues. You can ask them directly on Facebook with the Fundraiser feature!

Fundraisers allow you near-instant access to raise money from potential donors through your profile page.

To activate the fundraiser option, simply set up the app once then choose the Cirque Lodge Foundation charity to receive the funds raised by the fundraiser when it goes live.

Where does all the money go?

When you fundraise through Facebook and use one of their payment platforms (including mobile payments), 100% of the donations go directly into the charity’s account; there are no fees taken out at all by third parties like banks (which was previously typical where some organizations were paying up to 10%).

Your friends will be able to donate from their Friends list too so that even more people can contribute at no extra cost whatsoever.
Your contribution will help those desperate for a way out of a life of addiction to reclaim their lives and discover the miracle of sobriety. Because of your support we can provide more lifesaving help to those in need - all without any hidden fees or charges!

How are donations made on Facebook paid to the Cirque Lodge Foundation Charity?

Non-profit organizations (Like the Cirque Lodge Foundation) that are based in the United States can receive funds either directly from the Facebook payments system or through the 'Network for Good's Donor Advised Fund'. The latter is a specific account that donors may opt to donate to when making their contribution on the Facebook fundraiser page  so the Cirque Lodge Foundation gets 100% of donations made via this site!

Learn more about how donations made on Facebook are paid to charities here.

Are the donations I make on Facebook tax deductible?

By donating on Facebook, you may be able to deduct your contribution from your annual tax return. To find out if this is possible and how much money will go back into funding the organization in question - review our article below!

A donation to the Cirque Lodge Foundation through its Facebook Page or fundraiser may be tax-deductible. As laws vary by country and region, you should consult your accountant or review the law for where you live to determine whether or not donations are considered as charitable contributions that allow them to be processed as tax-deductible.

A confirmation message will be sent to the email address associated with your Facebook account - this provides proof of having made the transaction - this way there won't be any missed opportunities in terms of getting tax benefits from these contributions. Learn more about this on facebook’s help page.

Fundraising for a cause has never been easier with Facebook Fundraiser! Every person who donates gets an opportunity to improve another person's life and help someone begin their recovery journey.

Where do I begin?

Take the first step to Start Your Fundraising Page on Facebook and begin collecting donations for the Cirque Lodge Foundation.
Step by step: how to use the Fundraiser feature
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