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The Cirque Lodge Foundation (CLF) was created nearly 20 years ago by the Losee family, the owners of Cirque Lodge. It was in response to a grateful alumni who having had a transformational experience in the facility wanted to afford others the opportunity to heal and recover in the beauty and serenity of the Wasatch Mountains. The intent was to help those suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, who while not destitute, wouldn’t be able to afford an experience of the highest quality care possible. Through partial scholarships supported by family, alumni, and the Losee family themselves, the CLF is dedicated to giving the gift of sobriety to those who might have been precluded from accessing such a preeminent experience.

We have all been affected in one way or another by the malady of drug and alcohol addiction. Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, virtually no one is immune, yet many don’t understand the scope of this pandemic, harming those we love, let alone understand how to help those in need, especially those who cannot afford the cost of “exceptional treatment”.

It was this reason the CLF was created. To allow those of us who have benefited from recovery, our families, and those around us who have witnessed the Miracle of Sobriety, through the power of premier treatment firsthand, the ability to pay it forward. To be of service to the addict/alcoholic who still suffers.

When you make a generous contribution to the CLF you are helping those desperate to find grace in their lives receive the quality care needed to live a life free from the carnage of addiction. You are giving the gift of freedom and joy. You are reuniting families and saving marriages and careers.

The Cirque Lodge Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


Over the years we have had a number of families, alumni, and other generous contributors give so that others may return to society happy, productive, and free. We are so very grateful for your support.

About Us

The Cirque Lodge Foundation was created to provide an opportunity for those of us who have the means to give back help those suffering from the devastating malady of alcohol and drug addiction. To pay it forward.


The Cirque Lodge Foundation’s mission is to help individuals suffering from alcohol and/or drug addiction get the “highest quality care possible” through partial scholarships supported by family, alumni, and many other generous contributors who understand the true value of exceptional care and the Gift of Sobriety!

There are many gratifying stories about how Cirque Lodge Foundation has benefited many individuals over the years; one in particular is the story of a single mother who fell into the depths of drug and alcohol addiction. During this dark time her children were removed from her home and she lost all hope until she was introduced to the Lodge through a grateful alumni. In addition to her contribution, monies provided by the Foundation and an equal grant from the Losee family she was able to receive the exceptional care of Cirque Lodge, where she learned the skills necessary to live a sober life and be the kind of parent, daughter, and sister that she desperately wanted to be. Today she is the head of her household, her children are thriving and she serves as a pillar of support for her friends, family and the community around her.

Sometimes the simplest of things can make a world of difference. Your donations may give a mother or father the opportunity to return to their families and lead a happy, joyous and sober life. Or provide peace to a sister, brother, son, or daughter who have conquered their addiction and returned to society as a positive sober role model! We may never know the full impact a donation can make on the society we live in, but if we can help just one person live a sober life, we believe the world will be a kinder, more beautiful place.

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The Cirque Lodge Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity supporting individuals and families recovering from the disease of alcohol and/or drug addiction.

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